Cancelled Massage at 4D Tango Festival Eindhoven 22-23 mei 2020

C a n c e l  l e d
Because of the Corona

Massage at  4D Tango Festival Eindhoven (NL)

Friday and Saturday  22-23 mei
Costs 30,-/ 30 min.

Thursday – Sunday    |   14.00 – 20.00 u

Kyra treat your feet, legs, back or whole body with a well needed massage, to get rid off an ache, pain and to get more energy Glimlach.  As a tango teacher & dancer i know how it is heaven, to take a time for your self with the massage.
Furthermore a massage is always good for your well being, for your body ánd mind.

Welcome to join in for a half hour or hour relaxation-, sport- and energetic massage at this nice social atmosphere  4D Tango Festival 2020 ! The Organisation is done by this super team of Tipo Tango Crew, Eindhoven.
Adres:  K. de Jongweg 75, 5645 EN Eindhoven – NL

How does it work?
There will be a list in the hall by the registration of this Festival. Or click here for questions, info or which time you prefer. It’s till 3 days before this Festival wil started possible to send me a mail for an appointment.

Love to meet you there !
Abrazo, Kyra Hoogzaad