Massage at Tango Holiday at sea (Esp.) 27 okt – 3 nov

Massage at Tango Holiday at sea Spain
27 oktober – 3 november 2018
28 okt – 3 nov i will be there
Costs € 30/ 30 min.

Hotel Bernat II
Turisme 42
08370 Calella/ Barcelona

Kyra will treat your feet, legs, back with a well needed massage, to get rid off an ache, pain and to get more energy .
Furthermore a massage is always good for your well being, for your body ánd mind.

For info click here.

Welcome to join in for a half hour or hour relaxation- and energetic massage at the Tango Holiday at sea,  with the teachers Marisa v Andel (B) and Mariano Galeano (Arg.).  Organisation by Tonny van t Hof, Click here.

See you there !
Looking forward,

Kyra Hoogzaad